I'm Karen Simpson, and I'm the creative force behind IINKY. This little design and decal business is the thing that (other than my family, obviously) I love most in the world.

When you're starting a business, one of the pieces of advice you'll see given pretty freely is this: infuse your business --everything about it and surrounding it-- with YOU. The real you, who you are, with your quirks and foibles (yes, I used the word foibles) and all the crap that makes you the wonderfully unique little snowflake you are.

This is difficult for me to do. Like anybody, I run my little business to make a living. Sure, I want to do good things in my world, but first and foremost, I want to support my little family. And at pretty much every point in my life, I've been deeply suspicious that the real me is not at all likable. This morning alone, I frightened an older lady (she literally backed away from me), sent a few poorly-received text messages to some friends, and got called "unpredictable and unbalanced" by one of the people I love most.

And how is an unlikable person supposed to make a living by infusing their unlikable, ass-hat self into every element of their business? I guess we'll find out. Because this ass-hat and her worldview --and design aesthetic!-- are inexorably part of this business... it kind of forces me to put myself out there.

My IINKY Tribe

What better way to make my clumsy-ass way in this world than to find my tribe? Well, that's the goal here at IINKY. You people? The ones who love what I do here, and crack up at the offensive crap that I love? You're my tribe. Didn't sign up for that? Sucks for you, but I think you're stuck with it.

I create products for people like me: good people who can't be content with the status quo-- whatever that might mean to you. The world isn't a good clean place, and we're not good clean people, but we're all doing the best we can... and attempting to misbehave in the most entertaining way possible in the process.