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Hello Darkness Funny Coffee Meme
So when I get four cups of coffee in me in the span of two hours, I get motivated to write about my favorite things on this blog. And it seems only fair this morning for me to set aside a little time to celebrate my favorite of all the things. Coffee. Lovely, steamy, caffeinated coffee. It's the only reason I have the drive to be sitting in front my my Macbook, typing away. Instead of slouched on the sofa and losing time playing around on Instagram.

A blog post dedicated to all the coffee related things I have loved or created recently? Bring it on.

Bitch Tea

Because decaf coffee tastes like bitch and is for little bitches. Also, I have to point out that this is pretty much what my husband looks like when he grows a mustache.
Bitch Tea Funny Coffee Meme

Espresso Patronum Macbook Decal

My favorite of my recent coffee lovers decal designs, because it's as much about Harry Potter as it is about coffee. It also makes a TON of sense if, like me, your patronum is a latte.
Espresso Patronum Coffee Lovers Harry Potter Decal

I Need This Mug. 'Nuff Said

We're getting close to releasing a bunch of funny mug designs on IINKY, which we're crazy excited about. We may have to steal this one. Can you blame us?
We want coffee or I'll CUT YOU funny coffee mug


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