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Homemade pie? AMAZING. Homemade clothes? Unbelievable.  But a homemade midcentury sectional sofa? That is FRIGGIN CRAZINESS.  Did you guys out there know this was happening? People who don't work in specially equipped sofa factories or have years of sofa making expertise are MAKING SOFAS AT HOME.

There's aspirational DIY --those projects that look awesome but you'll never actually undertake them-- and then there's this. A while new level of aspirational DIY. Assperspirational? 

I can't tell whether or not I'm happy to have found out this exists (crazy f*cking sofa project at ana-white.com). 

For the sane ones out there... I think this is good news. The existence of this project means we can get a little perspective on the whole "Let's DIY everything!" thing. Whenever that thought "but I could MAKE this at home" whispers by, you can throw-up your hands guilt-free and say, "yeah, but some people MAKE THEIR OWN SOFA and I'm not about the do that, either, am I?"

That's a relief, right? So... thanks, you couch-building nutballs, you.  You did us a solid.


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