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I love looking at pics of modern and minimalist decor online. These clean and gorgeous rooms are so pretty to look at. But me? I could never live in a space like that. I need coziness and color and personality in order to feel like I'm home. I want a room to greet me like a golden retriever when I walk in the door and slobber all over me with vibrance and color and cheer.
sad and empty modern bedroom
If you're into clean, minimalist, austere spaces... I kind of envy you. My best friend is like this: she thinks all surfaces should be clean and empty, rooms reduced (or elevated, depending on your perspective) to their intended purposes. For people like her, decorating is a lot simpler... and I'm willing to admit that life might be simpler in some ways, too.

People like me? We're not into simple. We want fun, bright spaces filled with personality. Emptiness makes us a little sad. Even in small spaces, blank empty walls can feel as if they're staring at us. Totally unfriendly! What's their problem, anyway?

Cheer Up a Space with Polka Dot Wall Decals

Which is why I LOVE making pattern wall decals, like polka dots, triangles, geometric shapes, ducks, whatever I'm into at the moment. To me, they are the fastest and simplest way to fill empty, staring walls with color and personality, and make a space more homey and impactful. I love how flexible they are to work with, and how easy it is to create a ton of different effects.

There are a ton of great ideas out there, and here at IINKY, for different patterns of wall decal. And I love them all, I really do. But this post is all about the mighty polka dot, and all that can be accomplished with a few packs of simple (and relatively cheap) polka dot wall decals.

Creative Dot Decal Arrangements

Symmetry is Pretty. My favorite way to distribute dot wall decals is symmetrically, in staggered rows. It's probably the classic way to do it. Sadly, it's also the most work, requiring the measuring and drawing of lines in order to have a precise grid. In my opinion? WORTH IT, DUDE. Totally worth it:

Black symmetrical dot wall decals
The result is still clean and modern and uncluttered (and very Scandinavian), but with a ton of personality. Love.

Fountain or Waterfall: This is where your dot decals fall across a corder of the room, or rain like a fountain down from the ceiling.  There are more dots concentrated at the top, and your wall loses dot-density as it goes down.  Pictured are a couple of fun examples that I really love.

Gold waterfall style polka dot wall decal for nursery
Deer and Dot white and gold nursery with polka dot wall decals

Dot Decals to Accent Another Design. We've got a few decal designs here at IINKY that combine a main theme and dots to create something really cute and special. Cover your wall in seashells or lobsters or dinosaurs (or narwhals!), and accent with dot decals to give a full wallpaper look to your walls. Totally temporary, totally cute, really chic.  
Adorable narwhal and dot wall decal design

Accent an Architectural or Wall Element.  I love this idea to bring attention to a really neat wall shelf or display, or to make a recessed nook in a room, or even a full closet, into a totally special and unique space of its own.  A splash of polka dots or polka dotted door, or even a full-on polka dot closet can be really, really special and totally fun.  

Really Random.  You don't have to get out a ruler and pencil and spend hours putting up dot wall decals. You can also have a big glass of wine, put on some music, and have fun with it.  Because I'm lazy, this one is totally my style... and it's adorable.  Most dots are repositionable, too, so if you don't like when one or two or twelve have gone, you can pull them off and put them somewhere else. Which is nice if you're as mistake-prone as I am. 


Black Polka Dot Office Decals Walls


Subtle Confetti.  This is great if you want a little bit of subtle fun in a room, but you don't want it to look cutesy or overdone.  A sparse spattering of extra small dots give a confetti effect that is sweet and cheerful but totally chic. Like so: 


Confetti Tiny Dot Decals
Big and Bold Dots.  The bigger your dots, the easier it is to get a ton of impact with a tiiiiiny bit of work.  These are flashier than smaller, more subtle dots, and have a sort of pop art effect that can be really fun. 
Large White Polka Dot Decals
Large Metallic Polka Dot Wall Decals
There is so much you can do with dots and other simple, repeating patterns-- and not just on walls. Decorate a dresser or closet door or your baby's ceiling.  These are easy, cheap, totally sweet, and make a HUGE impact.  You can check out all of IINKY's dot and other pattern decals right here.


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