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I'm talking into the void, and maybe it's kind of freeing?

Okay, so here's the thing.  Or one of the things, at least.  Writing a blog to find interested readers here at my sweet little Marked Co store feels SO silly at this point. Not the writing part, which I like to do.  But the KNOWING that anything I write at this point and put into my blog is going to feel like putting a masterpiece up in a completely dark room. (You notice I start by comparing my writing to a masterpiece-- nice start, Karen, very modest. And really, really, really untrue.)  Nobody is going to see it until I get visitors here, and nobody's going to visit until I put up things to see.

Cool Vintage Typewriter with "Talking Into the Void" Quote

But, hey, look at me, ma. I'm doing it.  Because they all tell us that the way to get people sit up and take notice of the awesome stuff you've busted your ass to create --and to hopefully fall in love with your brand in the process-- is to write, write, write.  I should probably consider myself lucky... if they told me that in order to find success with my little shop I would need to run, run, run (or, say, show up on time for things), I'd have zero chance. 

But writing blog posts? At least I'll have my fun while I'm here in Internet limbo, talking to myself and drinking coffee. 



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