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Ahh, babies. They make you crazy in so many wonderful (and decidedly unwonderful) ways. Despite your fat miserableness, a hormone-fueled over-the-top excitement makes you pretty friggin unreasonable about that perfect baby space. Your nursery has got to be sweet but chic. You want it to be totally unique, completely you, but also adaptable as your kiddo gets older. It also needs to be exciting but also the exact opposite: relaxed and soothing.  Not asking for too much, are you? Yeah, we pregnant ladies are crazy-town. It's a lot to ask for from one little pastel-hued room.

Happy Deer Woodland Nursery Wall Decal

Though it is currently covered in unfolded clean clothes and various baby detritus --can I blame my still-not-mobile baby for the mess in his room yet?--  I LOVE Luke's nursery. It's full of off-the-wall pictures and sweet baby things, and of course --seeing as I make them and get them free, haha-- a few nursery wall decals.

There are SO many baby wall decals out there... I don't even know how to write about them without getting un-classy about competing decal designers and decal companies out there. Okay, I'm going to try: a lot of what is out there is gorgeous and sweet and really special. But so much of it is just... there. Sure, it has a baby's name on it --or some ducks or a monkey or a truck-- but it doesn't have any style. 

Types of Decals for Your Nursery Walls

Which is why I started making nursery wall decals in the first place.  I was going to have a son, and I wanted something special and awesome for his room.  Because he was bound to be special and awesome, himself. I just knew he would be. (I was right, by the way-- though I was not prepared for how soul-crushingly HARD he would be.)

When choosing wall art for a nursery, you have a handful of common choices:

Custom Name Nursery Decals

There are so many ways to put your baby's name above his or her crib. Baby name decals are probably the easiest of them... and they can be ridiculously cute.  I tend to like simple ones in chic lettering, but there are also tons out there with bold graphics and cute themes.  Animals, trucks, hot air balloons, trees, Star Wars, you name it. 

And of course, we have lots of custom baby name wall decals here at IINKY.

Custom Metallic Girl Name Nursery Wall Decal

Pattern Wall Decals for the Nursery

This is one of my favorite ideas to totally transform a nursery. I think a lot of people think of wall decals as something to be used in only a couple of ways. But pattern wall decals can be as transformative as actual wallpaper... and a lot easier to remove when you're done with them. 

I think the best thing about using wall pattern decals in a nursery is that nurseries lend themselves well to over-the-top cuteness.  You might put a pattern of happy frolicking narwhals on your baby boy's bedroom wall when you probably wouldn't do the same in your living room (unless you're admirably ballsy, in which case, kudos to you!).

There are lots of simple patterns that look amazing in a nursery, and applying them in vinyl is SO SO easy.  

  • Polka Dots
  • Triangles
  • Stripes
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Animals
  • Planes, Trains, or Automobiles
  • Geometric shapes
  • Letters and alphabet

I cannot even understand why somebody would put up wallpaper when this is so much easier and cheaper and EASIER. It's also, you know, easier. 

Narwhal and Polka Dot Pattern Nursery Wall Decor Decal

Focal Wall Nursery Decals

Another thing you see a lot of in baby wall decals are the one large focal wall: a wall full of birch trees is a pretty popular one. Or pine trees, or under the sea, or frolicking forest creatures. The reason these are so popular is that they're ridiculously cute, make a huge impact, look like a painted mural, and are very, very sweet.  

Typography Nursery Decals

Some of my favorite baby nursery wall decals are typographical. Obviously, since that's what I'm mostly drawn to designing. I think this is the kind of baby decal that nerdy types like myself are most attracted to. A snatch of poetry, a sentence about love or parenthood from a favorite novel... these sort of personalized quote decals are, I think, the clearest representation of you as a parent. They're personal and they're about you and your family.  

And as a word-nerd, I have to say... they're very cute and very cool.

 You Make Me Happy When Skies are Gray Nursery Wall Decal Art



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