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My bedroom is my personal heaven. Fluffy bed? Check. Purring kitty cat? Check. Soft lighting and awesome patterns in all my favorite colors? Check. It’s my space.

One of my favorite things about designing vinyl decals is how easy they make it to totally infuse a room with your personality. Bedrooms are especially a reflection of you, and the right master bedroom wall decal will make you smile every time you walk in… and not just because being in your bedroom means you get to go to sleep. Because the best bedroom wall decals are totally you. And with a lot less money and effort than a similarly-sized piece of wall art. (Okay, okay, mini sales pitch is officially over: I just really like wall decals. Duh. Hence my owning a wall decal company.)


What Your Bedroom Says About You

Another thing I love about my job? I LOVE how different people are. Sure, it can make life a little difficult when I’m doing custom work, and one person’s idea of "retro" is another person’s idea of "modern." But it’s wondeful, because it means my husband and I really get to flex our creative muscles when it comes time to design. There are people out there who want it every which way in the bedroom (get your mind out of the gutter, now, I’m talking about decals) and there’s a happy market for just about anything we can come up with.

Which in my husband’s case is designs based on the highly sophisticated concepts of sex, nudity, and sleep. We’re pretty highbrow here at IINKY.

Typographical Bedroom Wall Decals

Most of my favorite decals involve typography in some way: I like banners and decorative elements, but as a totally word nerd, I’m very much into words. Some of the best wall decals for a bedroom express something about you that makes you happy every time you walk into the room. Like sex, nudity, and sleep.

Hmm. Now I realize that my husband may be onto something.

Pattern Wall Decals

Pattern decals are also wonderful for a bedroom, especially if you’re decorating an apartment bedroom and can’t paint or put up wall paper. Or if you’re like me and can’t stick to a particular design concept for long enough to justify something as permanent as wallpaper. I’m a wall decor whore, I can’t help it.

They also make a HUGE visual impact with a ridiculously small effort. Some of my favorite pattern bedroom wall decals are:

  • Triangles
  • Dots
  • Ampersands
  • Diamonds and Jewels
  • Abstract Geometric Shapes

Monogram Bedroom Wall Decals

If you’re so tired when you walk into your bedroom that you tend to forget who you actually are, you may be a fan of the monogrammed wall decal. Oh, they’re also chic and classic and —in the case of most of the designs you’ll see here at IINKY— modern and cool. So there’s that, as well.

Personalized family wall decals are a great way to celebrate a new marriage, a new home, or just your general state of happiness.

Theme or Graphic Wall Decals

While your room isn’t as likely to be decorated with, say, Batman or kitty cats as your kids’ rooms (if you got 'em) might be, designs like trees, flowers, maps, etc., are a great graphic option if you’re looking to create a theme with your walls. Pretty and simple!

Bedroom wall decals do NOT have to be those swirly girly quotes about family and love in tired, old-fashioned lettering. Whether you’re in your 60’s with your kids already out of the house, or moving into your first apartment out of college, wall decals are an easy, stylish, high-design way to make your space say something about you. And that’s what decorating is about, right?



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