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April Fools Day Pranks

I love the idea of April Fools Day.  But I am far too forgetful and lazy to carry off any pranks successfully.  You mean it requires planning? I have to get things at the store? And spend time doing stuff?  Eh.  Maybe next year.

But no. Are you just going to let the opportunity to be a jerk pass you buy every single year? 

1. Why Not Just Drip Dry? 

If there is a male living in your house, you probably have zip ties lying around. Hide the extra toilet paper, then zip, zip, done.  If you're feeling really evil, this is also a good addition:

2. Your Mayonnaise is Watching You

I don't know if this even qualifies as a prank, given that anybody who did this to me would succeed only in filling me with delight. 

 3. Punishment for Trying to Scam Some Free Cash

This costs a dollar, and takes zero time and planning.  Perfect lazy April Fools Day prank.  Plus, you know, mean. That's a bonus.


4. Wow, Loser, You Can't Even Use a Mouse?

All you need is a post-it note and a mean sense of humor. Check, and check. Watching to see how long it takes them to figure things out is just a bonus for you.

5. What Do You Mean You're Not Excited???

This one requires minimal planning --you've got to buy this thing-- but makes an ultimate impact. Leave it out for an unsuspecting partner to accidentally "find." Wonderfully mean and easy. Aren't you a jerk?

 6. Creepy Crawly T.P.

I think the fact that several of my chosen pranks are toilet-related says something not-so-nice about me.  Probably need to do some soul searching.  (Eh. Maybe later.)

All you need is a sharpie to illicit an April Fools scream.  Job done. Over and out.






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